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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to replace a pane of glass?
    The cost of replacing a glass pane depends on whether the glass is single-paned or double-paned. The price range is also dependent on labour costs, the window style, and the glass type.
  • What measures should I take if I have broken a glass window?
    First, keep your family members and pets far away from a broken window. They shouldn’t come anywhere near the area where broken glass has fallen. Once done, contact Wops Glass through 0411 414 417 and get a free, no-obligation quote
  • What’s the cost of your glass repair services?
    Wops Glass takes pride in providing you with the most competitive prices. We offer a price beat guarantee to our customers. The price may vary depending on several factors.
  • How long will you take to fix or replace the broken glass pane in my door or window?
    If the problem is related to an ordinary clear glass door or window, replacement is generally done immediately.
  • What will happen if you can’t get a replacement glass immediately?
    If we don’t have a replacement glass immediately, especially if you’re using customised glass, we will secure your shop front, door, or window with a strong, safety board to keep your home secure as we prepare the replacement glass.
  • Is it possible to repair scratched glass?
    Light scratching on a glass surface can be cleared by polishing the glass. However, attempting to clear deeper scratches would result in a distorted glass surface. Besides, getting rid of deep scratches is quite pricey.
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